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1)      What is the Shipping4Shopping service?

The Shipping4Shopping service provides you with a physical address in the United Kingdom to which you may address and mail any packages which may require shipping to Malta. This service is especially useful when ordering online and the supplier does not offer shipping to Malta, or where shipping costs to Malta are too expensive.

 2)      Why do I need to register my packages on your system?

 Registering your package on our system will automatically provide you with a tracking number for your parcel by e-mail. This will also help us to identify your package once it arrives at our UK address for forwarding to Malta, and will also help avoid unnecessary delays and possibly storage costs.

 3)      How should I address my packages when ordering online?

 Packages should be addressed as follows:

 {Your name & Surname} MT
c/o VIVA Xpress Logistics Ltd
World Xpress Centre
Galleymead Road
Colnbrook, Slough
United Kingdom

 4)      What UK number can I provide the online vendor with when requested?

 Preferably you insert your own Maltese number whenever possible, since in the event of a probem with your order it would be best that your are contacted directly. If a UK number is required, you may use the number 01753210600.

 5)      If I need to order a package from outside the UK, can I have it shipped to your UK address?

Yes. You may order items from anywhere in the world and use our UK address as your physical delivery address. Once the items arrive in the UK, we will then ship them to you in Malta. Note that import duties and customs taxes may need to be paid. (See questions 12 & 13 below)

6)      Can I use your UK address as the billing address  for my orders?

 The UK address we provide you with may only be used as a delivery address. The billing address you provide the online vendors with should be the same address as registered with your credit card company

 7)      How are my packages shipped to Malta and what is the transit time?

 Packages are normally shipped to Malta by courier service within 2 days of receipt at our UK address. This transit time is approximate and may vary from time to time.

8)      Do you deliver to Gozo?

Yes we deliver to Gozo daily (Mondays to Fridays) at an additional charge which will be dependent on weight. 

 9)      Is there any weight restriction on packages?

 Yes. The maximum weight per package to move by standard courier service is 30 kgs.  Shipments weighing over 30 kgs can still be shipped by standard courier service provided that each package weighs less than 30 kgs each. For any shipment over 30 kgs, you would need to request a quote from our customer service on [email protected]

 10)   Can you offer a more economical shipping method than the standard courier service?

 Yes. We can offer various other shipping methods by air, by sea, by trailer or by economy courier, however transit times and pricing will vary in accordance with the service chosen. Normally better rates can be applied for shipments exceeding 20 kgs. For further information and pricing, please contact our customer service on +356 21239555 or [email protected]

 11)   Are there any restrictions on the type of products I may ship?

 Yes. There are certain items which are prohibited to be shipped by courier service. Please check the list of Prohibited Items in Section 1 in the terms and conditions of the Shipping 4Shopping service. Any restricted items received at our UK address may be subject to delays and extra onforwarding costs using an appropriate transportation service.

 12)   When may Import duties and customs taxes need to be paid?

 Items received in the UK from any country outside the EU will normally require the payment of duties and taxes upon arrival in the UK in accordance with UK customs tariffs.

 13)   Who will be responsible for payment of any Import duties and Customs taxes which may be applied on the items?

You as the customer will be responsible for any customs tax or import duty which may be applied by any customs or government authority. 

14)   Will my item be insured against loss or damage whilst in transit?

Goods being shipped are not automatically insured by us. If required it is recommended that you purchase insurance cover from your preferred Insurance company or broker.

15)   Can I track my packages?

 Yes packages may be tracked through the tracking area on our website by using the tracking number which was e-mailed to you when you registered your shipment on our system. Once you register your shipment, it will show up on our tracking system within a few minutes of registration.Tracking updates on the progress of your shipment will start to show once the package has been received at our UK address. Our system will also e-mail you an update each time your shipment status changes.

 16)   What if I forgot my tracking number?

You may have your tracking number resent to you through the “Forgot tracking number” area on our website. If you insert the shipment reference number given to you by the supplier (and which was used when registering your shipment) together with your e-mail address, the tracking number will be resent to you by e-mail.

17)   When do I pay all charges related to shipping, insurance and import duties / customs taxes?

We reserve the right to request prepayment from you of any import duties / customs taxes  to be paid in the UK on your behalf.  If not, these will be collected by us upon delivery of the parcel to you in Malta together with the shipping charges.

18) Who may I contact in case of any problems with the Shipping4Shopping service?

In case of any problem you may contact our Shipping4Shopping customer service team by phone during office hours on +356 2123 9555 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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